A biography of the life and presidency of john quincy adams

He also served as the chief architect of what became known as the Monroe Doctrinewhich aimed to prevent further European intervention or colonization in Latin America by asserting U. He even worked on the Declaration of Independence with Thomas Jefferson.

In keeping with that goal, Adams graduated from Harvard College in Despite this influence, though, Adams often found his irascible nature a constraint in his political career.

The same kind of conflict between different classes that had bedeviled medieval Europe would, albeit in muted forms, also afflict the United States, because the seeds of such competition were planted in human nature itself.

John Quincy Adams

United States Office of the Federal Register. He steadfastly supported all the major initiatives of the Washington administration, including the financial plan of Alexander Hamiltonthe Neutrality Proclamationwhich effectively ended the Franco-American Alliance ofthe forceful suppression of an insurrection in western Pennsylvania called the Whiskey Rebellionand the Jay Treatya highly controversial effort to avoid war with England by accepting British hegemony on the high seas.

He drafted the Plan of Treaties in Julya document that provided the framework for a treaty with France and that almost inadvertently identified the strategic priorities that would shape American foreign policy over the next century.

Petersburgwas not received by the Russian government, so in Adams, returning by way of ScandinaviaHanoverand the Netherlands, joined his father in Paris. The election then was given to the hands of the House of Representatives.

Senator Thomas Hart Bentonthe main eulogist at the service in the Capitol, asked: He first argued against the "gag" rule, which said slavery could not be discussed in congress. Nevertheless, he joined his Federalist colleagues in voting against a bill to enable the president to place officials of his own appointment in control of the newly acquired territory; such a bill, Adams vainly protested, overstepped the constitutional powers of the presidency, violated the right of self-government, and imposed taxation without representation.

He was the only Federalist in both houses to actually support the Louisiana Purchase.

John Quincy Adams Biography: Sixth President of the United States

He became a member of the Massachusetts legislature and then served as their delegate at the Second Continental Congress. Adams wished to warn his fellow Americans against all revolutionary manifestos that envisioned a fundamental break with the past and a fundamental transformation in human nature or society that supposedly produced a new age.

Adams resigned his Senate seat in June and returned to Harvard, where he had been made a professor. House of Representatives, February 21, The modern edition of his correspondence prompted a rediscovery of his bracing honesty and pungent way with words, his importance as a political thinker, his realistic perspective on American foreign policyand his patriarchal role as founder of one of the most prominent families in American history.

His father was an influential farmer and craftsman who became Speaker of the Massachusetts Bay legislature. Though somewhat reluctant to affiliate with any political party, Adams joined the Federalist minority in Congress. Once he almost drowned as the sleeves of his blouse filled with water and weighed him down.

This time he took along his youngest son, Charles, as well as John Quincy, leaving Abigail to tend the farm and the other two children in Braintree.Mar 29,  · John Quincy Adams, son of former president John Adams, was an American statesman who served as a diplomat, minister and ambassador to foreign nations, treaty negotiator, United States Senator, U.S.

Representative from Massachusetts, and the sixth president of the United States from to Reviews: 2. Learn about his biography and life story including his wife Abigail, the Revolutionary War, and his time as president.

John Adams

John Adams' Presidency His son, John Quincy Adams, became the 6th President of the United States. Activities. Take. Oct 27,  · Watch video · Louisa Adams () was an American first lady () and the wife of John Quincy Adams, a U.S.

Congressman and the sixth president of the United States. Watch video · John Quincy Adams was an eloquent as a statesman, but ineffectual as a president.

Learn about his political victories and defeats, at bigskyquartet.com As President Monroe’s second term drew to a close inthere was a lack of good feeling among his official advisers, three of whom—Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, Secretary of War John C. Calhoun, and Secretary of the Treasury William H.

John Quincy Adams

Crawford—aspired to succeed him. John Quincy Adams had few accomplishments as president, as his agenda was routinely blocked by his political enemies. He came into office with ambitious plans for public improvements, which included building canals and roads, and even planning a national observatory for the study of the heavens.

A biography of the life and presidency of john quincy adams
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