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An example is assembly-line operations Bateman, Snell, The main purpose of the business to business marketing is to meet the needs of other companies and businesses, although ultimately consumers drive the products these businesses offer opening doors, n.

Dell Company have to make sure that the decisions made by them are through all the eight steps of organizational buying decision process are correct at all times so that they can buy the good quality of materials, and processors from the qualified suppliers for the production of Dell servers.

The company also always changing costs to make sure that they are still able to survive in the competitive environment.

Dell Builds a Framework for Success. Besides that, Dell also needs to show the display on their company so that customer can have a look before making any purchase.

Dell Company will produce an amount of server only just for the company that order from them. Duopolya special case of Market structure of dell essay oligopoly with two firms.

Those are the great importance in this regard uk essay, Diagram above show the eight stages of organizational buying decision process Slide share, From the diagram showing in above, there are eight steps of organizational buying decision process; there are problem recognition, general need description, product specification, supplier search, proposal solicitation, supplier selection, order-routine specification, and performance review.

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The informal organisation arises from the interaction of people working within the organisation and the development of groups with their own relationships and norms of behaviour, irrespective of those defined within the formal structure.

Business to Consumers B2C marketing is consumer take a time to think on the product weather is it worth to buy, the product quality good enough for the price and should need this product.

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But groups will also arise from social processes and the informal organisation. For Dell Company, they have to determine and choose one or two most appropriate suppliers that can provide and deliver the good quality of materials and processor on time with the reasonable price so that they can produce and sell a large quantity of server that are high quality and good performance to their customers in business market.

Dell Corporation makes possible the training and testing of future top management In addition to their training, future managers should be tested before they reach the top.

Consumers are more liable to make impulse purchases than businesses chron, A consumer considering buying an seemly price a. In addition, the proposal must include product specification, price, delivery period, payment terms, taxes of experts and duties applicable, transportation cost, cost of transit insurance and any other relevant cost or free service provided your article library, For Dell Company, they must also request for the detailed written proposals or the formal presentations from each of the qualified supplier so that they can analyse all of the proposals and choose one or two suppliers that are the most suitable to them for the produce their servers.

Levels of Dell Corporation Technical Level Dell Corporation is a layered organization which consists of technical, management and community levels Boone, Kurtz, Institutional level Institutional level is concerned with broad objectives and the work of Dell Corporation as a whole.

In this pricing strategy, Dell Company will have the competitive advantage over their competitor such as Lenovo, HP, Asus and other more.

Business-to-Consumer B2C Marketing Business-to-Business B2B Marketing Market Structure and Demand — contain more but smaller buyers — more elastic demand — affected more by price changes — contain fewer but larger buyers — more inelastic demand — not affected as much by price changes Types of Decisions and the Decision Process — buying decision process is more simple — buying decision process is more complex Table 1: They should also have the opportunity of at least observing the operation of the business as a whole, and not be narrowed by too long an experience in the position of a functional specialist.

Therefore, marketers need to use different approaches to reach and fulfil organization need. Marketing Mix meaning is some of the ideas and plans followed by sales representatives to promote a particular brand or product mixture known as the marketing mix.

Below is a diagram show that the organizational buying decision process.

Market Structure of Dell

Finally, there will be the one who has good reputation, convenience and offers best deals uk essay, More about Economic Analysis of an Oligopoly Market Structure Economic analysis of Dell Desktop Computers Industry Demand, Costs and production, Market Structure, SWOT analysis, Global Strategy, Recommendations.

More about Economic analysis of Dell Desktop Computers Industry Demand, Costs and production, Market Structure, SWOT analysis, Global Strategy, Recommendations Analysis of the Global Smartphone Market and the Strategies of Its Major Players.

Market Trends and Changes in Dell Computer This paper will describe market trends that Dell Computer may face in the near future.

Possible changes will be identified within the following areas; market structure, technology, government regulation, production, cost structure, price elasticity of demand, competitors, supply and demand.

Dell case on Global Business Essay - Michael Dell started company in Undergrad Student - one of the worlds great computer companies leading share in personal computer and server business.

Dell Corporation’s organizational structure is a functional, decentralized structure.

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The company encourages different departments and functional components to contribute ideas to enhance the strength of the organization. Pricing Strategies - Dell. 1. Introduction Pricing strategies usually change as the product passes through its life cycle, because there is constrains on the company’s freedom to price a /5(1).

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