Shopping behavior theoretical approach of store atmosphere marketing essay

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The double-standards are countless.This article presents a large-scale cross-sectional field study of the effect of store environment on consumer emotions and the resulting influence on aspects of consumer behavior with actual shopping behavior used as an example.

The stupidity of German policy toward Greece. Interesting: The result was a slump which crippled the economy in a way that has few parallels in history. The Influence of the Store Atmosphere on the Consumer Behavior El-Bachir Sabrina University of Mascara Email: [email protected] Objective and Theoretical Framework of the Research a pleasant perception of the atmosphere create an approach behavior (Mehrabian and Russel, ).

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environment are stated to cause avoidance behavior, which is the opposite of approach behavior. Furthermore, some researchers found that atmospherics directly affect the consumer behavior.

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Shopping behavior theoretical approach of store atmosphere marketing essay
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