Should participation in sports be required

Argumentative Essay: The Importance of Sports

For such areas, other solutions could help with the large costs of sports. They would be getting at least one hour of vigorous play a day. But would a push like this work in the United States, and should it?

The average yearly incidence of sudden death or cardiac arrest events was 2. Many critics argue that funding mandatory sports would present too large of a cost, believing that the cost of equipment and fees is too high. The authors clearly affirm that the long-lasting disputes about using resting-ECG in pre-competitive sport screening belong to the past and that exercise tests should not only be reserved for professional teams.

Some schools require each student to participate in an organized school sport chosen by the student. I disagree that athletes would abstain from substance abuse from the pressure to help their team be successful. Furthermore, with their lack of skill and determination, they would probably be benched for most of the games.

Others argue that students should be free to decide whether or not they wish to participate in organized school sports. I know that part of the reason the track team did so well was its great support for each other. Even though I think eating the right foods is important for your health, eating healthy is not focused on in sports so that would not help in that way.

This policy has, of course, the necessary implications for the present pre-participation screening. The people who do not enjoy the sport will not try and this will bring down the rest of the team's enthusiasm. As a result, student-athletes shine in an academic setting.

They launched a Sports Manifesto that guaranteed each child the opportunity of competitive sport. Instead of being benched, they could do a hobby they love.

So we must waste our time on something fruitful, giving us incoming ages of wealthiness and substantial power. Sports-related sudden death in the general population.

Preoccupied with practices and games throughout the week, athletes do not have time to waste on drug use or other forms of trouble. How is this possible? Schools with sports as number one can be an interesting story. In Aprilit was reported by the San Antonio Express-News Texas, USA that legislation, requiring that high school student athletes should undergo electrocardiographic ECG screening before participating in sports, passed with a clear majority through a second reading in the Texas House.

Should Sports Be Required?

Even though I think eating the right foods is important for your health, eating healthy is not focused on in sports so that would not help in that way. In fact, this is how Coakley says the future of sport will be: Making it a part of their daily lives now will create a lifelong dedication to an active lifestyle.

This verdict is corroborated by a recent study from Leischik et al. The reason sports teams are such a great environment is because everyone shares the same interest and you can work at getting better at your interest together and because of this, everyone on the team gets along.Jun 12,  · Why high school students should be required to participate in sports emcphillips on Fri Mar 02, am I think that all high school students should be required to participate in a team sport.

Many children K - 12 May not experience being apart of a team. Many may be left out, with mandatory sports that should change. Students will learn team work, a hard work ethic, exercises to stay in shape, and make good friends along the way. Also more students can get eligible for scholarships.

The pros outweigh the cons. Participation in sports can have a huge positive impact on a child&#;s self-esteem and confidence. Children who participate in sports get praise and encouragement from coaches and parents, which helps to build bigskyquartet.comd: Jun 17, Sports are a great thing and participation in them should be required in order to graduate.

By doing this, you should be able to get involved, learn responsibilty skills, and get in shape for the future ahead.

Should Sports Be Required?

The key to a brighter future lies in youth participation in sports. Sports must be made mandatory in public schools starting in the sixth grade because it would have a profound impact in the classroom, greatly reduce crime and drug abuse, and enormously improve the overall health of students across the country.

ECG screening in athletes: optional or mandatory?

First of all, sports should be required because of fitness. As we all know, obesity thrives among the younger generation these days. If the participation in sports were required to graduate, students would have no choice but to work .

Should participation in sports be required
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